What Keeps You Motivated?

Blog / Publications / January 17, 2017

Several times a week, I get that creeping feeling up my spine.

I want to stop, take a break, take a nap. Yesterday I was on the treadmill and all I wanted to do was take a long water break.

What Keeps You Going ? How do you stay motivated?
Exercise is obviously an easy example, but it can be anything. We all struggle with motivation. Maybe you’re unsatisfied with your job. Maybe you have writer’s block. It is even challenging in your personal life, for example as a father husband and son. This is just the nature of life. The lethargic feeling of the need to quit cycles around with recurring urgency.

The voices in our culture also urge us to “throw in the towel,” “make a change,” or “take it easy on yourself.”

There is a distinction between the dream and the work required to obtain it. The voices surrounding us can’t help us visualize that! Everything important requires work. Fear and hard work. And sometimes there is a long arc between the dream and it’s realization.

That is where the work and the transformation occur.

Remember the dream.  I try to get connected to the original vision, because that keeps me motivated and happy.

“Why I am doing this hard thing that I am doing.”

  • Because I want to change people’s lives.
  • Because I want to produce epic work that people enjoy engaging with.
  • Because I want to apply the skills I was equipped with from my schooling and family.
  • Because I want to work hard, earn money, and enjoy awesome things like dining out and travel.
  • Because I enjoy learning from new people and helping them improve their quality of life.
  • Because I want to provide an example for my family that you can start a dream and make it bigger than you ever even imagined.
  • Because I’ve invested in a great career and I want to make it even better for me, my wife, my son, my coworkers, and everyone involved.

The truth is that we learn the best lessons when we don’t quit. Stick to it. Grit your teeth and pivot if you need to.

This is when our character is transformed and you will transform.It’s not supposed to be easy.

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