What is Your #1 Time-Sucking Habit?

Blog / Clients On Demand / Russ Ruffino / June 16, 2017

WHAT IS YOUR #1 TIME-SUCKING Habit? | Russ RuffinoSo what is it for you? A “quick check” in our email inbox?
An innocent scroll through your Facebook newsfeed? Which activity is an unproductive time-absorbing trap for you?

It is so easy to get caught up in the “I’ll just pop on for a moment” trap.
Next thing you know, it’s an hour (or two) later, and NOTHING has gotten accomplished.
We’ve all been there.
If you’re anything like me, it leaves you feeling unfulfilled, UNPRODUCTIVE, and wanting your hour back.
Let’s face it – there are 24 hours in a day.
…so it is critical to use those hours consciously.
The best way to do that is to minimize the unproductive time-sucking activities.
I’m not talking about time spent raising kids, or taking care of the household/family, etc.. Those are responsibilities, which is an entirely different category.
I’m talking about the mind-numbing activities that waste time:
Scrolling through Facebook.
Binge-watching shows on T.V. or Netflix
Mindlessly shopping on Amazon.
App games.
Watching video after video on YouTube.
20 minutes here…
50 minutes there…
Think about all of the wasted HOURS that accumulate in just one week on these kinds of activities!
Sure, these are FUN, (that’s why these activities are so damn addictive!).
But let’s be honest…
For the most part, they add little or no real value to the day.
My team and I have taken our chats OFF Facebook, so we aren’t distracted by the newsfeed on a daily basis. (It is WAY too easy to start scrolling!)
Here’s what I’ve found to be true –
Time is one of the most precious non-renewable resources that we have.
That makes it VALUABLE.
If you’re not getting major VALUE out of an activity or task – why put your precious time into it?
BEFORE getting sucked into an activity, ask yourself –
Will this bring me true JOY?
Will this help grow my business?
Does it positively benefit me mentally, physically, or spiritually?
Does this help my team, my clients, or my followers in some way?
Does it create positive change in the community or world?
Will this make my life EASIER, more convenient, or better in some way?
If you can’t say yes to any of these, chances are, it is a WASTE of time.
Simple as that.
What is the #1 mindless activity that takes up your time, and stops you from being productive?

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