What Are The Best Images to Use for Advertisements?

Blog / February 29, 2016

Do you have a great idea but are struggling to keep clients interested? The aesthetics of your ads can be a huge determining factor of attracting clients. Here are some tips to help you master the ad, especially the Facebook ad.

smiling facebook ad

Images are the first thing that Facebook users will see.  But there are millions of Facebook users. You never know what image will get your Facebook ad the most clicks.

One thing you should always do is to split-test your Facebook ads. When you test your Facebook ads, you can test your images. There are applications online such as Webtrends that provide slides. Here, they display a group of Facebook ads, asking audiences to guess which image performs the best out of a group of twelve. Out of a collection of fashionable women and cute knick-knacks, a photo of a festive party won. This isn’t to say that you should always use a photo of a party in your ad. It’s that you should always test your image to see how it will perform.

What kinds of images will perform best?

No matter what your product or promotion is, ask yourself about a few components. Are you portraying happy people? What’s the theme? What color should you choose? Do you have a logo? Are you selling something? Are you telling a joke?

Always find a photo that is clear, modern, and appealing to the eyes. Plus, make sure it’s the right shape for Facebook’s regulations. Did you know that images of smiling women are the most effective? Women who carefree and look directly into the camera convert the most customers. Images of women joyfully tossing their arms in the air are also proven effective!

Where can you get these images?

There are lots of places online to use images registered for public reuse.

Try: (You can also edit photos and add your logo) (Great for photo-editing) (New photos added everyday) (Free stock photos)



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