Transformation Is Greater Than Information

Blog / February 20, 2017


The last thing your clients’ needs is more INFO to clutter their brain and confuse them.

99% of the time, a lack of information is NOT the reason that we don’t get results when we have a problem.

Think about it –

Want to lose weight?

There’s loads of info in books and on the internet about eating less and moving more.

Want to build your business?

You KNOW you need to get more prospects on the phone and get better at selling.

Sure, there’s more to it than just that…

…but our clients that come to us for help have NEVER needed pile after pile of information.

What they needed was to get better at IMPLEMENTING a few KEY pieces, and creating a TRANSFORMATION.

Don’t get me wrong; knowledge is awesome…

Working with your clients should be a JOURNEY, where you take them from point A to point B, not just overload them with a ton of ‘stuff’ that they kinda already know but haven’t got around to doing just yet.

Stuffing your service with more info does NOT equal higher value.

Solving their PROBLEM equals higher value.

THIS is what will get clients excitedly enrolling in your high-ticket service…. whether that’s at $5K, $10K, or more…

Not only do you leapfrog your competition and make yourself stand out, but you get results.

People won’t pay much for the information when they can just hit the bookstore or the Internet for that, but what they will pay for is you changing their lives.

At Clients On Demand, we show you EXACTLY how you can turn your expertise into a life-changing transformation-based program while dramatically scaling your business.

If this is an area you struggle with, reach out, and we can help…

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Russ Ruffino
Founder & CEO of Clients on Demand. Helping coaches, consultants, thought-leaders and service pros attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want.

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