The Weirdly Ironic Things That Top Entrepreneurs Are Doing

Clients On Demand / Russ Ruffino / November 28, 2017

As I set out to continue to grow Clients On Demand (and help our clients grow their businesses as well), we’re always observing what works…and what doesn’t.

What we’ve found is that the BEST entrepreneurs in the world are doing some very specific (and dare I say, rather counterintuitive) things to help them radically scale their company.

They are taking approaches that are very different from what everyone else is doing.

Why are they making it a point to do things so differently?

The simple answer is:

Conventional Wisdom Is ALWAYS Wrong.

There’s a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are going about building their business (and serving their clients) the “typical” or “normal” way.

There’s a few glaring problems with this:

▪️Operating your business just like everyone else WON’T set you apart from your sea of competitors. It doesn’t get you noticed, or remembered.

▪️Your clients have likely already tried the normal approaches to fixing their problem….and are STILL searching for an answer (because it didn’t work for them.)

In fact, I’ll be bold enough to say, you could practically take a look at what EVERYONE else is doing around you in your niche…and then go and do the complete opposite.

Conventional wisdom may have worked 5, 10, 12 years ago…but people have moved on. They’ve evolved beyond the “status quo”, which means the way you run your business needs to as well.

So – what are some of the weird and “not-so-normal” things these TOP entrepreneurs are doing that most others aren’t?

#1 – Focus On Service

I’ll admit, this took me a while to wrap my head around at first.

Let’s be real…

As a business owner (especially a new entrepreneur when cash is tight), all you want to focus on is revenue, and the bottom line, right?

But here’s the thing…

If you’re sitting at your desk and your primary thought is “HOW can I make more money in my business?” – that’s going to send you down the wrong path that could be potentially damaging for your client.

What I’ve found is that the more you put your focus on meeting your client’s needs, the more money you are going to make.

The primary focus can’t be on making the “extra dollar.”

If you’re a business owner who wants to thrive in a competitive market, you MUST prioritize delivering real results, add more value, and create an amazing client experience.

Every time you make a decision – whether it’s for marketing, sales, advertising, or whatever…

It all comes down to ONE question:

“What is going to get the BEST outcome for my clients?”

That’s how EVERY single decision in your business should be made.

Sometimes that means taking the tougher option.

Sometimes those decisions might be expensive.

But you do it anyway, because that’s what will create your competitive advantage over the long haul.

#2 – Stop Hiding

At any given moment, your potential clients are hoping and praying you are going to SHOW UP in their life, and serve them, and help them FIX their problem…because they can’t get the result they want on their own.

If you’re too afraid to put yourself out there, that will NEVER happen for them.

You can’t serve yourself…

You can’t serve THEM…

You can’t make the money you want to make…

…if you’re in ‘hiding’ mode.

I understand how real and paralyzing fear can feel, but when you become an entrepreneur, you take on a responsibility that is BIGGER than your own fear.

If you’re hiding, people can’t get the help they need, which means they’ll continue to struggle and suffer.

The TOP entrepreneurs have an extraordinary gift that allows them to help fix a major problem for their client…

…but more importantly, they’re willing to stick their neck out to serve those 10, or 20, or 50 clients each month who are praying for an answer (and a result).

They are willing to show up (even when it’s scary) and offer a solution, even if it means:

Going against conventional wisdom…

People think you’re crazy…

People telling you it won’t work…

Hiding doesn’t help ANYONE get the result they want.

It’s about being WILLING to put yourself out there, and create a powerful, authentic marketing funnel that will reach your audience, so they can find you.

If you have a solution people really need, you have a moral obligation to put it out in the world in a big way. (otherwise, what’s the point of your business?)

#3 Be Willing To Be Crazy

Once you stop hiding and put yourself out there with your radical ideas that go against conventional wisdom, here’s what will happen:

You’ll piss some people off.

It’s going to happen.

And that’s ok.

Some people might not like what you have to say because it’s not the accepted solution…it’s different and out of the norm.


Even if 9 people reject what you have to say and walk the other way, that 10th person might really need to hear it.

That’s the person who’s going to sign up to work with you, and you’re going to change their life.

I guarantee people will have a million opinions about you, and how you operate your business.

Some will think you’re downright crazy:

“You’re crazy” for only taking on a few clients.

“You’re crazy” for charging that amount.

“You’re crazy” for your completely OPPOSITE approach to solving their problem.

They say ALL of these things because these are radical ideas they just aren’t used to seeing. BUT – they also don’t know what you know.

The most successful business owners understand (as crazy as their solution/vision might be) there are hundreds (even thousands) of lives that are forever changed because they were willing to look past all the nay-sayers.

If you have expertise that can solve a major problem for your audience and you’re serious about building a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to book a call with us.

If you’ve been in hiding, and you’re scared to build a funnel and press the GO button and put yourself out there – we can help with that.

If you’ve been following the “norm,” and you’re not sure how to make your ideas go against conventional wisdom – we can help with that.

Go to and schedule a time to get on the phone with our team.

On that call, we’ll go over every aspect of your business – we’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not, and where you’re stuck.

Wherever your challenges are, whether it’s with:

Technical issues…



Figuring out your offer…

…we have experts on our team to help guide you through ANY challenge (and believe me, we’ve seen it all!)

Go to to book your discovery call today.


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