The Death of Coaching

Blog / Clients On Demand / Russ Ruffino / May 18, 2017

The Death of Coaching | Russ Ruffino

Hey guys – bad news.

Do a survey. Ask most people in this space what they think of “coaching” programs. I promise you – the approval rating will be somewhere between “mosquitoes” and “cat poop.”

Two years ago, coaching was hot. People wanted it. People felt they needed it. People understood the value.
Today? So many people have been burnt by coaches that didn’t deliver that the word “coaching” is forever poisoned in their minds.
Maybe it’s happened to you.
Either way, this is something we ALL need to consider carefully if we want to continue making an impact.
Your customers and clients aren’t just showing up with objections about price anymore…they’ve also got emotional BAGGAGE from bad experiences with other coaches.
Some things to consider:
* When a client says, “I worked with Guru X, and it was awful…how are you different?” … do you know how to overcome that? (Hint: it’s not by telling them how great you are…)
* Do you know how to craft a program that gets REAL RESULTS for your clients? Both in the short-term and the long-term? (If you don’t have one, you need to build it now…it’s the only thing that will save you, long-term).
* When YOU are shopping for a coach or mentor, can you tell the difference between a coaching program that WORKS, and one that doesn’t?
Your window of opportunity to learn the basics is closing.
Learning how to command a premium price and enroll new clients consistently is just Step One. That’ll get you to $10k…maybe $50k/month.
Today, you also need to know how to compete with people who have been doing this a Hell of a lot longer than you. They might be successful, or more well-known, but they’re leaving their clients disappointed.
Every week we hear from “big-shot” coaches who have HUGE visibility but are making peanuts…and leaving a trail of unhappy clients in their wake.
That is a HUGE opportunity for you…IF you know how to demonstrate that you are different.
If you’re not enrolling clients at premium prices right now, you’re already behind. Don’t let yourself fall behind any further.
At COD, we’re enrolling new clients every day. We know how to SHOW (not tell) that we’re different from all those other coaches that have let people down. We can help you re-assure your potential clients too.
The time is NOW. The market is evolving. Getting hungrier, sure. Needier. But also much more sophisticated and cynical.
It’s a new world. The coaches who can get results are going to thrive. The ones that can’t be working at Starbucks.
Are you ready?

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Russ Ruffino
Founder & CEO of Clients on Demand. Helping coaches, consultants, thought-leaders and service pros attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want.

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