How To Maximize Facebook Groups for Business

Blog / Publications / May 4, 2016

What sites and apps do you check every day?

If you’re like 1.59 billion others around the world, you check in at least several times a month. Now that we have access to the site on our phones, Facebook averages to about 1.04 billion daily active users! How can you maximize Facebook’s potential for your wallet?

According to stats from Facebook, 2 average users are only separated by 3.5 degrees of connection. This means that more people are joining than ever before, connecting with each other through real life and online communities, and making new friends – online.

Facebook groups are a place where members join and share updates, photos and can message other people. There are varying privacy options for groups and members can be given administrator privileges.

You probably belong to at least one Facebook group yourself, whether between friends or in support of a local cause

Have you considered using a Facebook group for your own business?

In Russ Ruffino’s latest article, How This Entrepreneur Made $100,000 With Facebook In Six Months Russ will show you how building a large targeted Facebook Group is not as hard as you think. In fact, with just an hour of work every few weeks your presence will grow influential enough to maintain a following of over 5,000 actively engaged, eager members.

Russ discusses the 3 Little-Known Powers of Facebook groups and how to put them into practice with your group immediately. My six-step strategy is a sure-fire approach to create and grow a Facebook Group. If Russ has 5,000 members with dozens of high-quality conversations daily, you can get here too.

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