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Clients On Demand / Russ Ruffino / Russ Ruffino Live / November 21, 2017

Our company Clients On Demand is on track to collect around $9M in revenue for 2017…

…and the vast majority of that revenue comes from just 2 simple offers:

#1 – Clients On Demand – our signature 8-week workshop


#2 – Millionaire Alliance – our 12-month mastermind

You don’t need to have a complicated business…(in fact, it’s WAY better if you don’t).

You don’t need to have 50 different products or services that all generate a few bucks each day…

The KEY is to keep your business very, very simple, and create high IMPACT.

Here’s what “keeping things simple” has allowed us to do:

For the past several years, we’ve been able to make a 10-15x return on our Facebook ad spend.

What does that mean exactly?

That means, if we spend $10K on Facebook ads, we KNOW that we’ll make $100K-$150K back.

If we spend $50K/mth on Facebook, we’ll make $500K-$750K/mth back.

…and we’ve been able to sustain this ROI with a high level of certainty for the last 4 years.

Sometimes I hear marketers claiming they have huge ROI’s like this.

Most of the time, what they’re often referring to is a launch.

They just rolled out a brand new offer, and there’s a quick burst of excited people.

And the marketer spends a little bit of money on Facebook, and gets a large pop of cash in a short period of time.

However, I don’t know ANYONE who has been able to do a consistent 10-15x ROI on their Facebook ad spend, and sustain it over the course of 4 years (or long-term).

When you simplify your business model to just 2 high-ticket offers that are both highly transformational…

…then it’s ENTIRELY possible to achieve (and sustain) a high FB ROI.

There’s a lot of advantages when your business is centered around just 2 offers:

1. Lower Ad Spend

The more front-end offers you create, the more your ad spend will skyrocket.

We only need to use paid traffic to fill our ONE front-end offer.

We don’t use ANY paid advertising dollars to fill our Millionaire Alliance program.

Instead, we invite select clients from our 8-week workshop to join our 12-month mastermind to grow their business even more.

By structuring your business this way, you’re able to keep your ad spend much, much lower than you would if you were running paid traffic to 3, 4 5, or 10 different front-end offers.

The more complicated your funnel gets with multiple front-end offers, the more money you’ll need to spend to drive traffic into all of those different entry points.

That’s why it is SO much harder for complex funnels to generate a positive return on investment.

2) Much SIMPLER funnel.

The more steps the customer needs to go through, the tougher it is to make money.

Low-ticket funnels require so many steps:

There’s the FREE lead magnet…

Then the $7 tripwire.

And a $47 entry product.

And then a $97-$197 product.

Then maybe a $397 product.

And if they make it through ALL of those steps, then you can finally sell them something for $997-$1997.

When there are so many pieces to a funnel, you create more chances for people to drop off or not follow through. This makes your funnel far less effective.

The less effective your funnel is, the lower your FB ROI is going to be (meaning, you’ll end up spending even more on ads).

When you have just ONE front-end offer that you’re driving traffic to, you can focus all of your ad spend and tracking in that area, which allows you to find any problems quickly, and get your funnel dialed-in FAST.

3) Need Fewer Leads

As I scrolled through Facebook recently, I came across a post from a guy who was laying out his plan to reach 7-Figures per month.

He had such an over-complicated plan, so many different funnels, and loads of products…

And then he said something that made me almost fall out of my chair. He said:

“The best part is that I only need 25,000 leads per month.”
That’s crazy! I promise, you do NOT need 25,000 leads each month!

At Clients On Demand we’re consistently generating $800K-$1 Million/mth, and we require maybe 1/10th of that.

If you have a high-impact offer, and you’re leading with that offer right out of the gate, you really don’t need that many leads to hit your income goals.

4) Bigger Impact

For the team at Clients On Demand, this is absolutely critical.

While we generate a high amount of revenue, we are not revenue-driven.

(Yes, as a business, you need to ensure that you create a profit, but that’s not our primary focus).

Our primary focus is – How can we make a bigger impact in the lives of the people that we serve?

When you only have 2 offers, it allows you to work with fewer clients, and really go to bat for them, and show up to serve them in a major way.

We have the ability to give personalized service that helps our clients achieve greater outcomes.

If we were serving thousands of clients each month, there’s no way we could help each one of them on a deep level…and we certainly wouldn’t be able to create the level of impact that we as a team want to achieve.

5) Higher ROI

When you focus on just 2 offers, you’re not wasting your time with complicated funnels.

And you’re not wasting your clients’ time having to jump through 6 or 7 different hoops before offering them the ONE thing that they’re looking for…which is the program that can fix their problem for good and change their life.

It boils down to this:

The simpler you can make your funnel, and the easier you can track your data, the quicker you’ll be able to dial-in your Facebook ad campaigns.

The more dialed in you can get your message, (and the funnel that you’re putting them through), the more it’ll keep you FB ad cost down.

When you keep things really simple, and you get your two offers really dialed in, there is absolutely NO reason why you can’t generate a really substantial FB ROI of 5x, 10x, or even 15x.

If you want to grow a high-ticket business to 7-figures and beyond, and change your clients’ LIVES (without sacrificing your freedom), then reach out to our team, and get on a call with us:

On our call, you’ll get total clarity on the simple process we use to take people from browsing around on Facebook to being a client in 24-48 hours…even if they’ve never heard of you!

And we’ll show you the simple game-plan our clients are using to scale from six to seven figures a year, faster than they ever thought possible.

Click the link to schedule your discovery call today!

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Founder & CEO of Clients on Demand. Helping coaches, consultants, thought-leaders and service pros attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want.

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