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Clients On Demand / Russ Ruffino / November 19, 2017

Our Clients On Demand team just recently returned from a Millionaire Alliance event in Kauai.

Hands down, it was the most incredible event we’ve ever hosted…both in terms of what the clients are accomplishing, but also in terms of the growth our own COD team experienced because of the event.

You’ll often hear my team and I make reference to Millionaire Alliance, (or MA, as we call it)…
…but what exactly is Millionaire Alliance?
…and how is it helping business owners to rapidly scale their business?

Simply put, Millionaire Alliance is a mastermind of amazing entrepreneurs whose outcome is to scale their business to 7-8 figures, while maximizing their income, freedom, and impact.

I’ve been in a lot of masterminds, and to be honest, most of them have been a waste of time.

Because they were structured incorrectly.

Here’s what a well-structured mastermind should have:

A Great Mastermind Needs a CLEAR Outcome

In most of the masterminds I was involved in, I quickly found out that there was NO clear outcome that people were aiming for.

You’ll find that the majority of masterminds are nothing more than a social club.

Think about it – what normally happens in a general mastermind?
People get together and hang out…
You give a brief update on what you’re doing in your business…
You bounce ideas off of each other…
You may try to help each other using your special skill-set…

But everyone in a general mastermind is trying to achieve something different.

When that happens, it can feel like the Wild Wild West. It felt like I was in a herd of 50 or so business owners who were all sprinting in 50 completely different, un-focused directions…yet, nobody was wrangling us closer to our goals. Here’s why:
You can’t move your mastermind group toward the end goal, if the goal is DIFFERENT for everyone.

A well-structured mastermind MUST have a unified goal that everyone is working toward.

If you’re serious about scaling your business to 7 figures, that’s exactly what the Millionaire Alliance is designed to help you achieve. HOWEVER…

To be clear, the Millionaire Alliance’s OUTCOME is not just about “generating more money”.

It’s about scaling to 7-figures, while being able to maximize:
Your Income
Obviously, as an Entrepreneur, you’ll want to make more money. Even though our mastermind isn’t just about finances, it’s a really great way to TRACK the change and overall health of your business.

Your Freedom
There’s no point in making more money if you don’t actually have the freedom. If you grow your income, but you’re trapped working 80 hours/week, you’re never going to be able to enjoy it, right?

Your Impact
Everyone has a reason WHY you walk into your office every morning, and commit to scaling your business…a reason that goes beyond just income.
What kind of difference do you want to create in the world?
What are the things that you believe in, and want to create positive change around?
What sort of deep, life-changing impact do you want your clients to experience?
If you create ONLY more money and freedom, but with NO impact, then you’re not really doing anything to leave the world a better place…so what’s the point?

So, the KEY is to scale your business, while optimizing ALL 3 AREAS.
That’s the outcome that Millionaire Alliance centers everything around.
2) A Great Mastermind Needs a Simple, Clear Strategy

A well-structured mastermind MUST have a step-by-step strategy for producing that outcome.

You wouldn’t plan to drive to a brand new destination without a roadmap, or a GPS, or a game-plan for getting there, right?
Because, you don’t want to make unnecessary wrong turns along the way that stall your progress. (You’d want to get there the fastest way possible, right?)

The same goes for having a process in place for scaling your business…

How are you going to get leads?
How are you going to get your message out?
How are you going to get sales?
And, how are you going to deliver your product or service in a way that creates freedom for you, while producing major results for your clients?

Once you have that basic business model in place, how do you scale?
How do you build a committed team?
How do you become a powerful leader?
How do you protect your time and freedom?

Our Millionaire Alliance mastermind clients are achieving such staggering results because they are using a proven blueprint for building a high-ticket business, and scaling it to 7 figures.

Every single one of our mastermind clients follow the SAME step-by-step strategy to a T, and they do not deviate from it.

3) A Great Mastermind Needs a TEAM of Experts to Help You Work Through ANY Challenge

Most masterminds are built on ONE leader’s expertise.

Here’s the problem with that:

In order to continue developing your business, you’ll need expert guidance with:
Lead Generation
Your Offer
Service Delivery

…and that’s just off the top of my head!

While the guy running the mastermind may be knowledgeable in SOME of these areas, one guy can’t possibly be world-class at ALL of them.

And you need ALL of them to succeed.

That’s why our team is comprised of a group of world-class experts, all focused on helping our clients within our specialized “zone of genius”.

So whatever business problem you are facing…

Or conversions…
Or enrollment…
Or client support and retention…
Or training and development…
Or building your team…

…you need a team of experts that are prepared to help you push through ANYTHING that comes up. Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck.

4) A Great Mastermind Needs a Selfless, Service-Driven Mindset

There’s a lot of masterminds that are driven by SIGNIFICANCE, rather than SERVICE. Here’s what I mean…

A significance-driven mastermind is nothing more than a feather-fluffing group to enhance everyone’s ego…(especially the leader’s).

Most masterminds are either:
“Feel Good” Clubs: All based on blowing smoke, and puffing each other up, and making each other feel great.
One Leader’s Cult – Where the entire mastermind is severely limited to the expertise of one guy (or woman). In this case, it’s almost NEVER about service, or growing your business, or impacting the world… It’s primarily about serving the leader’s ego.

In Millionaire Alliance, it’s about YOU. Not me.

It’s not about tuning into “The Russ Show”!

It’s about helping our clients get LIFE-CHANGING results.

It’s about being a part of the process that creates a Ripple Effect of positive IMPACT on our clients’ (and their clients’) lives.

5) A Great Mastermind Needs Some REALLY Smart Members

I could go-on forever about the importance of being in a mastermind with ONLY really high-quality members. You know, the kind who show up every day ultra-committed to reaching their goal…

But simply put:

You should NEVER be the smartest person in the room.

If you are, you’re not in the right mastermind.


A huge number of our clients in Millionaire Alliance have already achieved a $100K month, and many are hitting it consistently, month in and month out.

AND…the way they’re doing that is by creating incredible results for their clients.

They aren’t doing this by accident.

When you’re in a group of coachable, committed, like-minded entrepreneurs…
…who all are focused on the SAME outcome…
…and, you have the world-class strategy and support in place to help you get there…

There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Whether you’re looking to build your high-ticket business, or you’re ready to take the business you already have and scale it up, Clients On Demand has the game-plan, the team of experts, and the unwavering support to help you achieve a REAL, sustainable outcome.

If you’re serious about adopting a rock-solid strategy that will help you generate more sales, and lead you to higher levels of consistent monthly income, then reach out and book a free strategy call with us!

On the call, our team will share with you how to take prospects from CLICK to CLIENT in less than 24 hours…even at $5,000+ prices!

We’ll also dive into the simple game plan our clients are using to scale their businesses to six and seven figures per year, faster than they ever thought possible.

Go to to book a call.

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