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Clients on Demand | Russ RuffinoQuick update for you guys:

In the past 12 months, the revenue at Clients on Demand has more than tripled…from about $200k per month to $700k per month. You might assume we’re generating 3x as many leads, right?

Nope. We’re not generating any more calls than we were this time last year.

The same number of calls booked every month. Talking to the same number of people. Generating more than 3x the results.

How are we doing this?

First, we have a model that scales. Your business needs to do three things: attract new clients, enroll them into your offers, and do a great job taking care of them. You must be able to scale ALL 3 of these activities.

That means having a lead source that you can mine consistently (or better yet, 2-3 sources). It means being able to enroll 20 people a month or 70. And it means that the more clients join your program, the BETTER their results get.

Our client Carolin just announced her first $300k/month. Our client Paul is killing it in the e-commerce space to the tune of $200k a month. And Vanessa is somewhere in the neighborhood of $175k a month. The model we use is scaling very well for them too. (And yes, they’re incredibly skilled, smart, hard-working business owners with great offers).

Second, we keep it LEAN. We have 3 offers:

* Clients on Demand, our 8-week workshop.
* Sales on Demand, our 8-week workshop about selling high-ticket offers with one phone call, and building a team to do it for you.
* Millionaire Alliance, our 12-month mastermind.

That’s it. We don’t have any low-ticket offers whatsoever. Everything we sell is high-ticket, transformational, and gets crazy results. That keeps things very simple for us.

Third, we understand that very small improvements can mean HUGE increases in revenue. Pay attention, because this is important.

As entrepreneurs, we always want to roll out some crazy new offer or new idea. But “entrepreneurial A.D.D.” can destroy your business faster than anything else. Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say we want to get to $1M/month. Right now, we’re at $700k a month. We need to generate an extra $300k per month – $3.6 million a year – to get there. What’s the fastest way to do it?

My crazy entrepreneur brain immediately starts coming up with ideas for new offers. We could do a $300/month continuity program! We could do a $3,000 “lite” version of Clients on Demand! We could do a live event every month!

Then my team – especially Ryan and Adrienne – sit me down and say, “Okay, psycho. We could do all of that. BUT…what would happen if we just boosted COD enrollments by 20%? And Millionaire Alliance enrollments by just 5%? Wouldn’t that be simpler?”

And so we sit down and do the math. And sure enough, just those small increases will get us to $1M/month. MUCH easier to do that than it is to roll out some huge new offer.

Fourth, we understand that MINDSET is the most important thing. Marc von Musser, Jayne Jewell, and Coach Lisa have a skill set that is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Just two months ago, Marc and Jayne hired 4 new salespeople with little experience and turned them into the best performers we’ve ever had in about three weeks.

So here’s what’s working:

1) Have a simple, transformational offer that gets amazing results for clients is high-ticket and allows you to keep it simple.

2) Focus like a laser on enrolling people into that offer, and then upgrading them to something even better.

3) Stay the course and do not get distracted by the next shiny object. Just keep making tiny improvements to every part of the business: better leads, more sales, better client results.

4) Above all, do not neglect the critical importance of mindset – build a culture of winning that starts with YOU.

Got questions about anything we’re doing? Post a comment, and I’m happy to share more details.

Interested in leveraging these ideas in your business? Book a call here:

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