Upgrade Your Client Engagement With These 7 Tips

Blog / Russ Ruffino / August 1, 2017

UPGRADE YOUR CLIENT ENGAGEMENT WITH THESE 7 TIPS | RUSS RUFFINOCompanies created an online presence, email newsletters, and direct mail newsletters to clients with no results. It’s tricky to direct clients to the company when links and advertisements lure them to the competition.

Resolve this conundrum by reworking email newsletters, direct mail newsletters, and online presence with these suggestions in mind.



Work and family are making clients super busy these days, so a regular posting schedule would remind clients to check for new information. Companies select the schedule (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc.) based on traffic and demand. Posting irregularly frustrates clients and forces them to leave your site or unsubscribe. Not posting informs customers the blog, newsletter, or social media site is inactive and outdated.


Simultaneous Posting

Technology fails us sometimes. To provide different avenues for viewing the information, apps exist to share blogs to various social media channels simultaneously. This provides a choice for consumers to digest the information. Besides social media, provide information in a separate browser for better viewing. Mail the information to them as a copy.


Catchy Headlines

A catchy title garners clicks faster than generic ones. The best headlines are interesting and strategic. Browse Google’s first page for inspiration as those articles garner the most views. As always, ensure the article can back up the headline or expect to lose clients. No one appreciates reading an underwhelming article after a flashy title caught his or her eye.


Call to Action

Many read the article and move on to the next without responding. A call to action informs readers to take action after reading. Subscribe, view similar content, follow their blog or social media accounts, contact them, and/or share/repost to your social media accounts. Clients should do something.



This will bruise your ego, but stop bragging about your achievements and focus on meaningful information the reader can use in everyday life. Turn company news into a consumer advantage. Fulfill a need by solving a problem, answering common questions, and/or teaching a skill. Mix images, video, polls/surveys, infographics, music, and podcasts with text, and re-post relevant users’ articles on your page.


Analyze Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users visiting the blog or post and returning to the previous page. A good post has a low bounce rate. In emails, bounce rate determines which email addresses are inaccurate. Without correct emails, credibility decreases and spam folder re-routes increase.



Many read articles once and never seen twice. A good idea is to recycle quality information. Explain to readers its relevance in repeating the information. Additionally, resend articles that have a high click-through rate to gain additional views.


Companies need new clients to grow and loyal clients to stabilize. Don’t let generic-sounding newsletters and information become the reason clients turn away from your business. These suggestions will get your clients talking and interacting ASAP.


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