Brands That Linger & Businesses With Staying Power

Blog / Russ Ruffino / October 5, 2017

Brands That Linger & Businesses With Staying Power | Russ RuffinoBuilding a brand that lingers on a client’s mind is an important part of developing a lasting company, but it isn’t the only important feature for creating a company that has staying power.

With failure being a huge possibility for even the most promising of companies, it’s important that young businesses be reminded of what it might take to build firms that can secure longevity.

There’s a number of things that a company can do internally to ensure success. Read on to learn what some of those things might be.

  1. Find a team that’s dedicated to your purpose. More than that, find a dedicated team that manages to thrive cohesively, as well as one that brings ideas to fruition. Secure a diverse collection of individuals who understand the value of experience and skills, and how they are used toward adaptability. When shopping for talent, be sure to strike a balance across the board: leaders and followers; introverts and extroverts, optimists and pragmatists. Dream teams are comprised of loyal individuals who possess a variety of skills, talents, and attributes.
  2. Cultivate an impressive company culture, which goes beyond Casual Fridays and Taco Tuesdays. A company’s values will shape its culture, and it can define the performance of a company. Liveliness and fun should mark a company’s culture, but culture also underscores the relationship between business and employee. Empowering employees means arming them with the right resources and training, and respecting their needs. Helping employees to achieve work/life balance is essential.
  3. Monitor your market when you’re looking to building a company that’s going to last -pointing out needs and desires. Foster original ideas, but also identify customer needs, market desires, and what might it take to provide services and products. Develop a product and company roadmap by listening to interested buyers. It’s a surefire way to give people what they want. With that, you might want to make sure you’re always looking slightly to the future, as a company must be able to evolve with the times.

The strength of a company can be measured by the way it treats its employees, the way it operates its market, and the way it manages its goals. Ensure long-term success, but setting your sights on management and growth.

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