Be Charismatic Online to Achieve your Goals

Blog / June 15, 2016

The golden tongue; the power of persuasion and influence. All it takes is a little bit of charisma.

Do you ever feel yourself magnetically drawn to a conversation through the the ideas and attitudes of the person speaking. People idealize charismatic people, and sometimes it’s all in the magic of how they interact with others.

So does charisma, which is necessary in face-to-face conversations have anything to do with online ventures?

Of course!

The secret is that we automatically are drawn to people who can solve our problems. Potential customers have problems, and you are the one who can solve them. So, all of your marketing should be built around solving them. All of the marketing should be targeted toward this problem, even before they give you any money.

There are thousands of products out there on the internet available for people to purchase or to follow a brand. What makes yours a step above the rest is your ability to influence a potential audience to be loyal to you and your product. Through your internet persona, you must captivate them into believing in your product and making purchase.

Charisma is not necessarily an inherited trait. You can actually develop the skill of talking to people. Interacting online is a great way to develop your charisma!

How can you be charismatic online to get your online product where you want it to be?

First, focus your attention on your followers. Don’t throw something at a bunch of people without getting to know them. Instead of blindly convincing social media followers to by into the perks of service or product, get to know the problem that these people are trying to solve. Listen to your followers and here what they are talking about. Then you can be genuine about your posts. Keep in mind that social media operates on a two-way communication. Neglect to respond your follower’s posts and you risk losing their attention. Remember to respond to questions as well as complaints. Try to be online in all communities that are relevant to your brand. Put it in front of them in every way possible.

Charismatic people are happy to engage with people, so online, this means blog followers and users on their social media networks. You can get more followers by posting videos on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Periscope.

Every video, every webinar, every blog post you put out there must provide massive value to your target audience.

Be positive, and be self-confident, whether you are  replying to a comment or recording a video. Say the right things in order to put people at ease. If you can communicate, through personal anecdotes to expressive gestures, people will gravitate toward your optimistic energy.

Charisma makes people want to follow you and your brand, because it will inspire your own positivity in them. If you feel you’re lacking the raw charisma to draw attention to your online persona, you can work on it slowly. Start to fuel the influence in targeted conversations. Get to know people. Then people will get to know you and your product and spread the word. Just a little bit of engagement can enable you to push competitors away and land you at the top of search engine results pages. Get out there!

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