Are You Buried in Busy-Work?

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Are You Buried in Busy-Work? | Russ RuffinoDo you regularly put in a long day’s work on your business …and STILL have no consistent client-flow?
After hours and hours of work each week, you should certainly have some clients to show for it, right?
It depends…
The amount of work you put in per week does NOT necessarily translate to some results/income/clients that you generate…
If you’re working like crazy every day and exhausting yourself here are three questions that I’d ask RIGHT away:
1) Are you focusing on the RIGHT tasks?
If you get trapped managing the mundane, un-important tasks, you aren’t putting the focus on the critical tasks.
Watch out for spending too much time on the “little tasks”:
* thinking about the name of your course/service
* spending hours designing a logo
* endless email correspondence & support
* giving your website a flashy new face-lift
ALL of these are well and good, but are they VITAL to bringing in clients?
2) Did you fall into EDIT mode?
Are you guilty of re-working your course or funnel over and over until it is perfect?
Catching critical errors is one thing…
…but spending WEEKS or months going over Rounds 3,4, or 5 of your material will only cost you a lot of time and energy.
Get version 1.0 DONE (not perfect).
Put it up.
Gather some results.
Take those results and course-correct along the way.
When do you want to know whether your efforts are working or not?
RIGHT NOW, right? Not three months from now…
3) Are you Delegating enough tasks?
Here are my rules for delegating:
* If someone else can do it, I DELEGATE IT.
* If I don’t LOVE doing it, or don’t want to do it, I DELEGATE IT.
* If it takes time away from me doing the CRITICAL tasks for growing my business, I DELEGATE IT.
Ground rules, but it has been extremely useful for me.
If you’re sick of working endlessly on your business, and not seeing income or client growth…
If you struggle with working on the non-critical tasks or spend too much time in editing mode…
If you want to create a simple, automated system that goes out and BRINGS you, ideal clients…
Reach out, and we can help with that:

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