Are you stuck in the “Amateur’s Mindset”?

Blog / March 2, 2017

17022021_1305189222852405_1412309125074156767_nEvery time you run into a problem, it’s shining a light on a way that you can improve or a way that you can get better.

If you set big goals, you WILL run into challenges and obstacles that try to trip you up.

I can promise you that…

If you’re not coming up against any setbacks or speed-bumps in your business, ask yourself WHY.

Are you thinking too small?
Are you taking careful, calculated baby steps in your business instead of giant imperfect leaps?
Are you stuck in the “Amateur’s Mindset”?

The amateur entrepreneur wants to throw in the towel when they hit their first few roadblocks that threaten to slow their progress.

The tendency is to shrink AWAY from challenges, to lay off, or to scale back.

The PROFESSIONAL entrepreneur?

We LOVE challenges.

We EMBRACE them.

We see them as little clues to areas where we can make our business BETTER.

That’s how businesses evolve…

Everyone in this group is going to face some challenges in their business in the coming months …

… Can’t get a steady flow of clients?
… Or getting the WRONG clients?
… Clients asking for refunds?
… Facebook ads not working?

These are helpful WAKE UP CALLS telling you where you still have work to do!

Tell me –

What’s YOUR biggest roadblock right now that’s STOPPING you from growing your business?

Pick 1 thing to focus on this week that’s keeping you awake at night, making you stressed, or having you question yourself, and comment or share it on my Facebook page, Russ Ruffino Live.

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Russ Ruffino
Founder & CEO of Clients on Demand. Helping coaches, consultants, thought-leaders and service pros attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want.

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