Russ Ruffino

Russ Ruffino | Clients on DemandRuss Ruffino is a business coach with a no-nonsense, high-reward approach to attracting the right clients at the right price. Back at the height of the economic recession, Russ Ruffino paid his bills working hard hours as a bartender. He was first inspired to launch his career during this time after noticing a friend’s success in online marketing and social media. Russ Ruffino was so inspired by the industry that he threw himself completely into learning how to create and sell products online. Now known as Clients on Demand, he developed an ebook and video course based on his ideas and priced it at $197– and to his surprise, he made a sale. The proof of this internet marking concept was a game-changer. Russ quit his bartending job with no more than $500 in his pocket, ready to start a new business journey. He hasn’t looked back since!

 From Products to Coaching

In his new venture, Russ Ruffino focused all his energy on discovering the best ways to market online, launch products and services, and bring in affiliates. He earned $250,000 in just 5 months by selling video courses. After Russ realized that people would buy his product and not really do anything effective with it, thus losing in return, he flipped the script.  Russ took down of all his products. He decided to revitalize his services so that he could work more efficiently and effectively, strategizing with the people who needed his help the most instead of just sharing information with them. He went against the grain and actually upped his prices.

By charging $5,000 and working more closely with only 10 people, he developed a system that actually works. Thanks to this decision, Russ Ruffino’s unique system of Clients on Demand was born.

The live coaching and courses he developed, as well as his blog and YouTube channel, all focus on one goal: to help his clients to figure out what they’re really good at and monetize it. He teaches business owners about their proprietary sales systems and how to set it up so that they can attract clients. Russ Ruffino’s coaching leads to fast and effective results. You can even read client testimonials at

Russ’ Coaching Method

Unlike most companies, the Russ Ruffino Clients on Demand coaching method does not rely on the “slow” way of online marketing. Instead of content marketing, he shows clients how they can command premium price points and start seeing fast, effective results. His biggest asset that sets his system apart from others is that his methods work like delicately engineered clockwork. If used correctly, clients are attracted and kept every day.

Unlike most business coaching programs, this company doesn’t promise client attraction through cheap leads or basic ads. Instead, it helps you discover the audience that’s perfectly tailored to your services, and then target the most elite clients in the group. That’s why we can guarantee such reliable client growth– and because we’re attracting the best of the best, they’re happy to pay higher rates (and increase your monthly revenue) to receive high-quality, personalized service.
Entrepreneurs who work with Clients On Demand see high-ticket sales driven by a sales funnel of qualified traffic– often for their first time ever! And this traffic is drawn in by smart, effective marketing campaigns that are strategized by Russ Ruffino and the team and perfected by you. From building authority through webinars and videos to social media outreach, Clients On Demand is all about teaching its clients how to make the most of themselves, for themselves.

Russ Ruffino is all about reliability when it comes to teaching client attraction. It shows. He has built his consulting business to $200,000+ per month. However, he knows that good business coaching is more than just creating the “perfect” strategy. It’s about finding out what currently works and what doesn’t work anymore, and then encouraging clients to make tangible improvements. His motivation, above all, is to make business-transforming tools available to budding entrepreneurs around the world. It’s the reason he reevaluated selling products and instead created the personalized, interactive services of Clients on Demand. It’s what works and it’s a way to help others.

For some free insight into Russ’ inspiring and fool-proof strategies, check out his step-by-step manual, Clients on Demand: How to Get Coaching Clients at Premium Prices, Leverage Your Time, and Get Stunning Client Results. Follow Russ Ruffino on Instagram.